Novel ways to save time for those with gastric and bowel issues

If you’re one of those people who always seems to be in a rush, people may make pejorative comments about your timed management skills. They may even recommend you take some kind of course to improve them. In many cases, however, the problem is not actually time management. They are very well organized but their problem is that it takes them longer than usual to perform certain tasks. This can mean they end up making better plans and working much harder than their co-workers only to get the same results. In some cases they work harder and yet are told by poor, unobservant managers that they are not working hard enough. So let’s take a look at some tasks which can be problematic and some ways to reduce the time lost.

One of the most common ways people lose time is through eating slowly. This can be due to any of a number of problems, from toothache to gastric and esophageal problems. A person experiencing such problems may take a full hour to eat a sandwich the prson next to them can devour in a matter of seconds.It is common for many employees to ‘miss’ their lunch when at the office due to such issues. Firstly, they don’t want to lose valuable time eating and, secondly, they don’t want to feel the judgmental glare of their line managers and co-workers who are all too quick to judge everyone but themselves. The net result is that they spend half the day hungry and with low energy levels, which actually does have an effect on their performance. Once work is over, they will go home and eat a large meal to compensate. Eating in this way can serve to exacerbate any existing gastric problems, simply compounding the problem. Eating such a large dinner takes a while and causes them to fall asleep immediately after, leaving them feeling that their day is dominated by working and eating and their night time is turbulent, thanks to constantly falling asleep on a full stomach.

A common way to get around this problem is for workers to snack at their desks as they go along. This is also useful for people with diseases such as gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome, as it is important for them to avoid eating in large quantities. That’s fine for people who work at a desk in, for example, a call center. Those who have contact with the public at work are the ones who are more likely to skip lunch entirely, as they can’t snack as they go along and keep the customer waiting. For these people a good solution would be to choose a suitable food blender from somewhere like Mrs. Foodprep and blend their food before they take it to work. It takes a lot less time to consume a liquefied meal as there is little or no chewing involved and it is already broken down into very small parts and is easy to digest without a lot of extra stomach acid.

A related problem can be that it takes certain people a lot longer than others to use the bathroom. While some people will label those who spend a long time in the ladies’ or gentlemen’s rooms as being shamelessly workshy, there may be valid medical reasons it takes people so long to do their business. Aside from seeking proper medical help for such conditions that cause constipation or diarrhea, there are some ways to avoid the loss of time entailed with extended bathroom visits. One of these is to take your work in there with you. If you anticipate being sat down for a long period of time in a cubicle, you may want to use the opportunity to complete your work diary, make some calls that you’ve been putting off or to do more simple and mundane tasks such as cleaning your tablet or phone of malware and cluttered files.

If you notice that someone under your supervision is struggling with these issues, you may want to give them the option of breaking up their lunch period. For example, if they usually get a thirty minute period half way through the day, they may find that three ten minute periods or two fifteen minute periods works better for them as they can take in a light snack to keep their energy levels up.


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