Bringing in a New Companion in the Kitchen

When it comes to shopping, depending on what I am purchasing, I want to get in and get out. Sometimes when I had the kids, it would take longer so the quicker the better. When my focus is something such as clothes, I make sure to find the best deals possible. I guess some people would call me a penny pincher, but honestly, it takes every penny to get by.

Shopping for home appliances can be a real hassle, especially if you have to venture out to another town to purchase what you really are looking for. Instead of wasting the gas and driving around everywhere to find one that fit what I wanted, I checked online. I wanted something that would make my life easier in the kitchen when trying to cook for six people. Finding online reviews helped me to decide if the product I was looking into was worth me spending my money on.

I could find the appliance that I was interested in and then read what other people have experienced while purchasing and owning it. It is very informational because in some cases it has stopped me from purchasing a product that may have been defective or not efficient for the job I wanted it to do.

Purchasing my Mixing Companion

I used a lot of resources online but mostly resources that included stand mixer reviews because that was ultimately what I was searching for. I needed a mixing companion that could do the mixing while I was busy doing the next step in the recipe. This could help me save time and possible get things prepared quicker. After purchasing a mixer from an online marketplace, I waited patiently for it to arrive by ground delivery.

On the day that it came, I got very excited and thoroughly inspected the package and box that it came in. There were no nicks or rips anywhere. The box was in perfect condition as I figured the mixer to be as well. I opened up the mixer and took it out. I assembled it according to the instructions and glared at its beauty. This was to help me prepare meals faster and create wonderful tasting sauces and so much more.

I happily searched for what I was planning on cooking tonight and gathered everything that I would be needing. Of course, my mixing duties were going to be handed off to the new mixer. I began with mashed potatoes. After boiling them, slicing them, and putting them in the mixing bowl along with the other necessary ingredients, I happily flipped the on button and watched the mixer start up its magic.

It blended the mashed potatoes quickly and without me having to stop every five seconds to get a better grip on the mixing spoon. I was very pleased on how the mashed potatoes turned out. It was only a few servings as I did not want to ruin it all if that’s what was going to happen. Instead of ruining anything, the mashed potatoes were much better by using the mixing bowl than they were when I had done it by hand.

Future Purchases

Kitchen appliances normally are replaced every few years in my household. I use something different each night to cook with, most nights it is my oven or my toast oven. I also have a roaster that does large turkey and hams. I plan to order more appliances off of the online market or possible another if I need to look elsewhere. There are many things that I would love to have, but the budget does not allow for it at the moment.

Another plan of mine is that when a special holiday or event comes up, such as a birthday or Christmas, I plan to purchase a new appliance for my adult family members. It is much easier to find something useful for others if you’re searching in the appliance department. Because everyone has to eat at some point throughout the day, having appliance that make the preparation or cooking process easier can make a big difference. I enjoy watching their faces as they open up their new gifts and then call me two or three days later to rave about using it.


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